About the Firm

Life At MHCO


We believe in having fun at work. MHCO is a medley of happy faces, birthday moments, fun-filled fests, milestone achievement moments, weekend get together, you name it, we just strike the right balance.


MHCO fosters a happy and open culture where every individual is respected and cared for. We truly value and recognize the need for a good work-life balance, and all of our lawyers are expected to contribute time to their families, community service, and personal interests. When it comes to alternative employment arrangements, we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach. We offer work schedules with reduced hours, flexible working time, and a partnership track for associates working with alternative work patterns to enable lawyers who strive to continue working while retaining a commitment to their personal life.


Our objective at MHCO is to promote inclusivity and diversity to improve us as lawyers and bring a change as community leaders.

Inclusivity and diversity are a perspective that we believe enhance the firm’s productivity and allow us to serve our clients better. We appreciate the inputs that we receive from varied backgrounds and foster a culture of cooperation, respect, innovation, and mutual understanding in which everyone may succeed.

At MHCO, we strive to develop initiatives that focus on specific diversity and inclusion goals, such as recruiting, professional development, lawyer retention and advancement, and cross-cultural understanding. We back this up by increasing the representation of diverse lawyers by broadening the pool of women, and/or racial/ethnic minority lawyers.