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Cyber Law, Privacy, Data Protection & Information Technology

Cyber Law, Privacy, Data Protection & Information Technology

In this information age, data privacy has become a huge concern and the protection of the same has brought new legal complex issues in the country. Similarly, Cyber Crimes evolve to become a threat to businesses and individuals.

Our team understands the need to recognize such crimes with the emerging technology and have an exceptional knowledge on data security, privacy laws, prevalent industry standards in the market, cyber laws, Information technology laws, along with the up-to date knowledge of legal and regulatory aspects.

Our team advises our clients on data privacy and protection laws, cyber laws, compliances under the Information Technology Act. Further, we also draft and review terms of use, privacy policies of websites as per the relevant laws and guidelines. Our work primarily includes:

  • Information Communication & Technology Law;
  • Computer Related Offence - Cyber Crimes;
  • Data Protection and Privacy;
  • Cloud Security.